On the day, the neighborhood zoo held the event with flogs thema for kids, so we went there. Last time we went there was 2 years ago, Yukine was 1 and half years old, and This is the first time for Kanata! ( He didn't care tho.)

Anyway, The zoo stuffs and some volunteers told about Frogs, which was like some kinds of frogs died out in the earth because people made a mess of rivers in places, and kids played the quiz or games something like that about frogs, they could get some presents from the zoo :) Of course, Yukine enjoyed it so much!

I thought that it was really good thing for kids who would take care of the earth in the future that we taught them about Protecting the environment. Maybe most of kids didn't think about it so seriously yet, but some of them might be interesting in it. Even Yukine, after she listened to the zoo people, she asked me "Mom, because people threw many garbages in rivers, did some kinds of Frogs disappear in the world ??"

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