Happy Birthday!!!

上の写真 アホひとり。

There was a stupid mooning, hehe.

ブリ豚Dad, Grandma、ブリ豚の誕生日が近いので(ブリ豚は先月だけど、お祝いしてなかったから。)3人のバースディパーティをしました。ケーキは、みんなを足して、まぁ100以上ってことで。笑 (おばあちゃんだけでほぼ100だけど。95歳!!)
We had the birthday party for 3 people! Dad and Grandma Malon and Brit.
We had Chinese food and 2 type of birthday ice cakes :) Everything was soooo delicious!We had very good birthday time :)


Yukine and I wrapped their presents :) I enjoyed it so much, Yukine was doing very well!
The silver thing was her work. It's not a garbage ;p
Dadがプレゼント開いてるところ。Dad opened his present from us.


Yukine helped grandma to open the present. I don't know why she put her tongue out :p

Happy Birthday 3 people!!!!


さっちん said...

勿論喜音ちゃんの作品も素晴らしいわ~。 ケーキは焼いたの?

Asami said...


ケーキはこれはアイスケーキなんです!31の。私が作ったらさすがにこんな毒々しい色にはできません 笑

Jonah David Evans said...


Happy birthday! Is Brittain's b-day the 25th? So is mine (Maaike)

You guys look happy! Are you enjoying the U.S. Asami, do you miss Japan?

Jonah and I are back in Japan. Jonah doesn't remember one word of Japanese, too bad!

Maaike, Steve, Jonah

Jonah David Evans said...

Oops, I thought my last comment didn't get posted, but now I see it did....Well, now you have 2 very similar messages...

Btw, 95 years old, wow!

Asami said...


Hi!!! Thanks for your message. sorry,I noticed your massage though, i didn't answer yet.
anyway, we all are really fine, thank you!

I'm glad that you leave your message, now that I can read your Blog too! because I use brit's mom's PC right now, so I don't have my bookmark,so I can't read my friend's blog.

for now, I and Yukine both aren't homesick yet:) we can talk with my family by Skype. if you have Skype too, let's talk!!!