Christmas 2015

Hi, this is Yukine. I'm the kobuta mom has been talking about for so many years. Now I'm old enough to write so here I am writing. Today is Christmas which means it is about a little more than a week away from Kanata's birthday and about 1 mouths away from my birthday.  Me and my brother woke up at three in the morning, trying not to wake up our mom and dad, we went through our stockings. After about 45 minutes dad came up because he had to go to the bathroom. We stayed up till about 4 trying to figure out what presents we got. I got some right like my new jeans, Toms, and chrome book laptop. Kanata guessed he got a Nerf gun, and a Styrofoam head which he did not get but it was a foam football. Mom got leg warmers, gloves and pair of earrings from me and Kanata. Dad got Mom a hotel room we are going as a family in February and mom got dad a Seattle synonyms gift card. Me and Kanata got dad slippers and put a potato picture on the slippers. Somethings Kanata got is a nerf gun, a shark sleeping bag, Jalapeno sauce, and shoes. Somethings I got is jeans, a laptop, books, baby lips lip balm, Toms, fuggs (AKA fake uggs) and Battleship.  Now I'm writing on my new  laptop. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Happy holidays everyone and a good new year.