Mother's Day 母の日 2017

Breakfast in bed made by Yukine. I felt so loved :) Her cooking skill is getting better for sure!
Mother's Day Present from Kanata. He said it's not my face. I am glad that. LOL He wrote a poem too.  He also wrote a poem. He didn't want me to read it tho,  奏大からの母の日のプレゼント。少なく私の似顔絵ではないらしい。よかった。笑 そして、よく意味が分からなかったけど(笑)詩も(学校で書かされた。)書いてくれました。    



そして、これを機に、Barber Pile(Barber 積み重ね)をもう一度再現してみましたー!上が今日、で、下が9年前。子供たちは重くて、もう乗れない。。。こうやって重ねてみると二人とも大きくなったんだねー。
 And since it was Mother's day and we all had time to spend time together at home today, we took Barber pile picture first time since 2008. The first picture was from today, and the picture below of it was from 2008! I can't believe that the kids grew so much! They are now too big and heavy to sit top on us anymore... Time indeed flied...

  May 2017

 May 2008

I have a great Mother's day. My family treated me well and I felt so much love. I also want to celebrate for my mom and Brittain's mom! They both always think about us, help us, so many things they have been done for us. Since moms had us, and they raised us, Brit and I could meet and got married and have such wonderful beautiful kids!! I thank them from bottom of my heart. Thank you and love you, the moms!

Happy Mother's day!!

Lastly.... Kanata's funny (or normal) faces :)