Summer 2017

Lots lots things happened in this summer in 2017. It was busy but fun summer. Now, the wind is getting cooler, it is getting darker sooner every day, already in October.

I am going to summarize what we did in this summer.

Camping! We could go to camping more than last year. The kids stayed in Seattle this year not going to Japan, so we had more weekends to do camping. Here the places we went to camping in 2017.
- Alta Lake on Memorial day
- Mt. Saint Helens
- Jarrell Cove
- Somewhere in Montana on the way home from Idaho after the total solar eclipse.

There are so many things that I wanna talk about each camping trip, but highlights are we could finally go to Mt. St. Helens, where first, Yukine told that she wanted to go after she studied about the Mountain in the elementary school. We didn't hike to the mountain but went to one of the observatories, Johnston Ridge Observatories. It was very informative and I enjoyed learning about the eruptions.
That was second time to re-visit Jarrell Cove States Park. The last time we went to there, we fell in love with the camp site. They have a glassy area and there are many apples trees. Therefore, many animals are coming out to eat the apples in later Aug, early Sep. One of animals we encountered last time we went was deer. That was one of reasons we loved there. This time, we couldn't see deer in the campsite, maybe because it was in early August. There were a big group in the campsite so it was more crowded and noisy than last time... That was a bit disappointing. Yet, we had still a lot of fun. We went to the dock and Kanata fished, a lots of small minnows. It was not really real fishing but he was happy, so all good. Yukine is not really a outdoor girl but I think she had fun too, especially, when we could down to the shore when it was very low tide. We could see a tide pool. It was interesting.
The camp site in Montana was where we just slept on the way to get home from Idaho. BUT the main reason we went o Idaho was the totol sun eclipse. The total sun eclipse was amazing, literary, phenomenal, marvelous experience you could have in your life. It was just breathtaking. I will never ever forget the experience. The moment that the world around you got slightly dark and cooler. The moment that the sun was completely covered and you even see the total sun shape with your bare eyes. The moment the sun came back, seeing the one sharply bright, strong beam of light. It was just like a biggest most beautiful diamond ring. And we could see many Brittain's family members there in Idaho, that was so nice.

Another big event we did for this summer was... going to Maui Hawaii! In addition, we spent time with Kirino family, My mom, bother and one of my aunts (My mom's oldest sister.) and Brittain's mom in Maui! I was a bit worried how it would go with so many people with different opinions but it went well. I think everyone had fun. Maui is absolutely beautiful place. Just being at the beaches and seeing many fish, sea turtles and other creatures is worth to visit there. But we did more that that, eating good seafood, land food, seeing traditional dancing, shopping, seeing sunset from the tallest volcano.....and more and more.

My mom came again to Seattle to stay with Kanata and Yukine for the the last summer break. We went to Portland during the labor day weekend with her. Port land has very fashionable stores and vintage clothes and stuff. I feel Portland is more sensitive to those kinds of culture than Seattle but not sure... I realized that I really didn't have a chance to explore those small shops in Seattle so..Anyway, we had fun there. She had stayed for 2 weeks. It's pretty long for her, compared to the past she came, but it was still short for us..but she couldn't abandon her dog and her garden...I get it but always very sad and hard to say good bye at the airport on the last day. I hate it.

Oh wait! And Yukine did summer dance intensive program this year. 5 weeks from 8AM - 3 PM everyday 5 days. It was a big for her. She doesn't like wake up early in the morning, but she had to, because of the logistics. ( Thanks to the another family who lives close to us, we could car pool but the mom had to pick up Yukine at 6:40 AM.) She did it! She completed the whole 5 weeks. On the last day, they had a small show that showing the choreography by the girls and boys. She had 3-4 pieces with her peers. I saw her growth and passion for the dance. I am very proud of her.







Mother's Day 母の日 2017

Breakfast in bed made by Yukine. I felt so loved :) Her cooking skill is getting better for sure!
Mother's Day Present from Kanata. He said it's not my face. I am glad that. LOL He wrote a poem too.  He also wrote a poem. He didn't want me to read it tho,  奏大からの母の日のプレゼント。少なく私の似顔絵ではないらしい。よかった。笑 そして、よく意味が分からなかったけど(笑)詩も(学校で書かされた。)書いてくれました。    



そして、これを機に、Barber Pile(Barber 積み重ね)をもう一度再現してみましたー!上が今日、で、下が9年前。子供たちは重くて、もう乗れない。。。こうやって重ねてみると二人とも大きくなったんだねー。
 And since it was Mother's day and we all had time to spend time together at home today, we took Barber pile picture first time since 2008. The first picture was from today, and the picture below of it was from 2008! I can't believe that the kids grew so much! They are now too big and heavy to sit top on us anymore... Time indeed flied...

  May 2017

 May 2008

I have a great Mother's day. My family treated me well and I felt so much love. I also want to celebrate for my mom and Brittain's mom! They both always think about us, help us, so many things they have been done for us. Since moms had us, and they raised us, Brit and I could meet and got married and have such wonderful beautiful kids!! I thank them from bottom of my heart. Thank you and love you, the moms!

Happy Mother's day!!

Lastly.... Kanata's funny (or normal) faces :)


Christmas Tree 2016

 The kids are so excited to have a real Christmas tree!

Thanksgiving is over, now officially Christmas season has come. We bought a real tree for a Christmas tree this year. This is the first time for us to have a real tree for Christmas. I have been wanting to have one but never done. So here we are! More than anything, it smells sooooo good!! a divine scent! I can just sit next to the tree for all night smelling the scent. This was Yukine's call to get one on last Tuesday. I was too tired on that day and almost gave up on having a tree this year again but she convinced us to go to a store to get one. And, we got a huge discount on the tree! Christmas tree can be very expensive. We didn't want to spend so much money on it so that was a good call! Thanks, Yukine!

It's always fun to decorate a tree. Our trandition for Christmas is that each kids can get one new ornament and one Christmas village house for everyone after Christmas (since they are on sale!) for next year. So it's fun to see the ornaments that they got last year. It's kinda like seeing your old best friend once a year :)




November - 11月





話せなくて寂しいな、今、お父さんがここにいて、子供たちと一緒に話して、笑い声を聞きたいなと思う。 また会いたいなと思う。

それと同時に、私の仕事もちょっと落ち着いたり、頑張っていることが認められたこと、あとは、国民の休日がかなり少ないアメリカでのやっとの連休、Thanksgiving Holiday 休暇に入って、身体的、精神的にちょっと余裕ができたこともあるんだと思います。今やっと、誕生日に沢山の人から素敵なメッセージをもらった事、喜音からのすてきなメッセージをもらった事、かなたが、(多分、自分のほしいものだけど…)このところ毎日、ママのプレゼントはこれがいいと思うってブリ豚と喜音と相談してること、ブリ豚がPortlandの旅行を計画してくれていること、とってもいい誕生日(月)だなーっと改めて感じています。

今はとってもPortland 旅行が楽しみ♪

When my dad came visit us in Seattle the last time. It was so much fun. I love you, Dad. I miss you so much..お父さんがシアトルに最後に遊びに来てくれた時。楽しかったなー

November is the month I remember my dad a lot. That's because his birthday is November 9th,  he passed away on November 24th, 2014. We went to visit Japan to see my dad in November 2 years ago. We went to many favorite places together in the 4 days before he passed away more than we did in the past.
It's been already 2 years since he was gone, on the other hand, I feel like it's been only 2 years? I feel that I haven't talked to him for ages. In November every year, I miss him more than any other month, I guess. I wish he was here and listened to my stories and the kids' stories and smiled. I still feel weird that he is not here anymore.The 4days were miracles that we spent together in Japan before we lost him so suddenly and unexpectedly. Not sure if he was waiting for us before he had to go but the days we were together were so special to me and my kids. I miss him a lot. I miss him so much....

My birthday is also in November. I didn't feel pretty good on my birthday. That may be because I was thinking about my dad and missed him. That may be because the presidential election, Brittain's job situation (his MS contract got shorter than the original period and he was just told before Thanksgiving.), I had been working a lot of over time lately... Yukine wanted to have a play date with her friend on my birthday. Kanata didn't seem like he cares about my birthday....And it was Sunday, so we needed to finish clean the house, cook next week dinners, laundry, homeworks, piano practices...etc...

I couldn't feel that it was my birthday at all even though Yukine and her friend were making a fruits tart for me, Brit was asking me where I wanted for birthday dinner, and Kanata was thinking about my birthday present...

However, we had a good news for Brit's job and my job in the following week and Thanksgiving Holiday vacation has started. Now I feel relax and rest, so I finally have a room to feel I am thankful for the birthday wishes from many friends and families and I feel many wonderful people care about me and feel being loved. I am very grateful that, especially at this time...Thank you very much, everyone!! I love you!

Anyway, Brit plans my birthday adventure to Portland this weekend. Yukine sent me a warmest birthday wish. Kanata has decided my birthday present, which Brit and Yukine has been questioning if it's for me or actually he just wants to buy for him. lol. I don't know what it is yet. I kinda want Kanata to get it since I am curious and wanna see it. :P

I am, now, very looking forward to my birthday trip to Portland!

ゆきねからの誕生日メッセージ。嬉しかったなー!「Happy birthday mom. You are such an amazing mother better than I would ask for. We have had some really great times like when we went to the u-village every Tuesday and I would get my hair braided, then the people should put glitter in my hair, and we would get hot coco and one time you even did yoga there. You give such sage advise (hard word. Means good advise) and have helpers end so many fights with my friends. You are always there for me. Like with ballet helping me get my splits and for Japanese you are always there to answer my question. Anyways happy birthday mommy. ママ大好き」

Yukine and her friend made a fruits tart on my birthday. I was delicious :)



Happy 12th Anniversary

そして、なんと!今年は驚く事に、私が結婚記念日を覚えていました!!・・・もしかしたら、12年間で初めてかもしれない・・・笑 結婚一周年からすっかり忘れて全く違う友達との予定を入れた私。
そんな私が覚えているなんて奇跡に近い ので! 今年は当日になにかぶり豚を驚かせたかった。







ぶり豚はごみ袋を目の前にした後も、全くわかってなくて、その前にいた喜音のがはじめに気づいた。「I know it I know what’s in there!!!」って。笑 (この話、子供らにしたことあるからねー。)


I and Brit submitted our marriage license in Kyoto, Japan 12 years ago. Surprisingly I remembered our anniversary this year! I have kept forgetting our anniversary every year since the first one, thus most of the past years, we haven't done anything really special. (probably have been to dinner 3 or 4 times.) BUT! this year, somehow I managed to remember the day! This was a miracle. So, I decided to do something special to Brittain. It's a weekday and the one of the super busy days with work and the kids' activities so I couldn't make something or go somewhere. But I came up with a really cool idea that probably only I and Brit would get it.
It was 12 donuts (actually 6 donuts and 6 macaroons since we would die if we ate a dozen donuts with 4 of us.) in a garbage bag! I hid the donuts in a big garbage bag and gave it to him after dinner. First, he couldn't get it at all but Yukine got it right away before him, said " I know it, I know what's in there!!!" That's because we have told the kids about the donuts in a garbage story before.

I might not have talked about the story here about when I went to Brit's place in Kyoto the first time ever.
Here we go.

We were not really friends that time and we were just texting each other occasionally. That night, he texted me and said "I have tons of donuts, would you like to come over?" I had never been to his place before but I thought it was nice of him so I decided to go. Once I get there and entered inside of his apartment, I couldn't find the donuts. I assumed there was a box of donuts but there was no box around there. So I asked him where the donuts were. Then He pointed the 2 big garbage bags sitting in the kitchen. I couldn't understand what he was talking about but I went to the kitchen and opened the garbage bag. There were, literally, tons of donuts crumbing in the bag. I thought he was crazy and a bit creep me out but then I reconsider that's because he was an American and hate to waste food since I didn't have any friends from other countries. Since the night, we started seeing more and more. If he was a Japanese guy and invited me for free donuts picked from the dumpster, I might not see him again. It might a judgement though....

Anyway, now we are a happiest couple ever :) :)

Happy 12th Anniversary, more to go!



Summer 2016

Hello from Barbers in Seattle.
Again, it's been more than a half year since the last post. The summer 2016 is already over, now I certainly feel a fall breeze comes outside here. Since last Christmas, our life again has changed dramatically. Brit has changed his job in Feb 2016, and I also has changed a job in March. I was working at Amazon in  2015, now I am in Aero space!!! The kids have been doing fine with the new schedule and they have been doing great at the school and their activities. Yukine has made a one level up for her ballet class from the summer ballet classes. She is excited to be in the new class! I knew she has been working so hard for the last 2 years remaining in the same level even though the rest of her peers leveled up already. I am really proud of her. Kanata is doing Kanata. Lol He has been in highly-capable class (advanced class) since the 2nd grade and doing well at the school. BUT he has been in trouble in Japanese school... How many times I have got emails from the teacher.....I couldn't understand him at all why he's been worst in only the Japanese class... He knew he got in a trouble and would loose his privileges. I am hoping he will be better this year... 
The kids summer break ended. More pictures will come soon.

ぶ り豚は転職し、私も一年間働いたアマゾンを退職、なんと!ぶり豚の後釜として、ぶり豚の使っていたデスクで航空関係の仕事をしております。Yogaはどう した?とお思いのお方がいれば、ご心配は無用、しっかりそれも、個人の生徒さんを受け持ち、続けております。おかげさまで、長年のお付き合いの方はそのま ま、私の予定を考慮していただき、クラスにひきつづき来ていただいております。
ゆ きねはここ2年間で習い事への真剣さが増した気がする。とくにバレエは、色々な事情でクラスを上のレベルにしてもらえないことが続いたにめげず、一生懸命 頑張りました。ついにこの夏のクラスからレベルがあがり、ほかの子たちに追いついたところ。精神的にもかなり成長した一年だったんじゃないかな。母はこの ことに関してはとっても誇りに思っています。
かなたは、。。。相変わらずかなたです。やんちゃで、ゲーム好きで、おちゃらけてばっかり。で も、2年生からはゆきねと同じアドバンスのクラスに行っていて、学校ではちゃんとしている様子。現地校の先生からは受けがいいんだよね、うちの子ら。。。 しかしながら。。。日本語の塾では相当の問題児。。母は何度、お叱りのメールをもらったことか。これには、真剣に私も困り果てました。どうしていいもの か、何度も注意し、何度も色々な特権をお預けにされたり。。。それでも懲りないかなた。。。今年はどうなることか。。。 


Here is a summer 2016 re-cap!

Camping with cousins. it was so much fun! They are the best buddies. We need to do it again!
Our old neighbor street in Kyoto! This was first time to visit there in 4 or 5 years. I can't even remember when the last time I went back to Kyoto.
Our old house in Kyoto. the neighbor hasn't changed much but the house next door was now gone... I can't believe we all 4 people lived  ( only for a month for Kanata tho.) in such a tiny house.


Kawa yuka - Kamogawa River side terrace dining. Very famous for summer in Kyoto. I have been wanting to eat there for a long time. My dream came true. I feel very VIP. You could even call Geisha or Maiko at some of restaurants.



Christmas 2015

Hi, this is Yukine. I'm the kobuta mom has been talking about for so many years. Now I'm old enough to write so here I am writing. Today is Christmas which means it is about a little more than a week away from Kanata's birthday and about 1 mouths away from my birthday.  Me and my brother woke up at three in the morning, trying not to wake up our mom and dad, we went through our stockings. After about 45 minutes dad came up because he had to go to the bathroom. We stayed up till about 4 trying to figure out what presents we got. I got some right like my new jeans, Toms, and chrome book laptop. Kanata guessed he got a Nerf gun, and a Styrofoam head which he did not get but it was a foam football. Mom got leg warmers, gloves and pair of earrings from me and Kanata. Dad got Mom a hotel room we are going as a family in February and mom got dad a Seattle synonyms gift card. Me and Kanata got dad slippers and put a potato picture on the slippers. Somethings Kanata got is a nerf gun, a shark sleeping bag, Jalapeno sauce, and shoes. Somethings I got is jeans, a laptop, books, baby lips lip balm, Toms, fuggs (AKA fake uggs) and Battleship.  Now I'm writing on my new  laptop. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Happy holidays everyone and a good new year.