Party month! パーティ月間


OH MY GOSH, It is already Halloween season!!!
I have been sooo busy in this month. We had a cash catastrophe early this month because of our crappy car, so we decided I work three days a week, Thursdays and Fridays and Sundays. ( before I work on 2 days a week, only weekends.)So I always fall asleep with kids at 9 which means no time to sit down in front of my computer at all...




Yukine had also really busy busy month. She was invited some one's birthday party on every weekends. I wonder if October was popular month to give birth to babies for Yukine's generation???
Anyway, I'm always impressed with American parent's efforts to make their kid's special day. Some people have a party at their house, some people ask the company or places they offer Birthday plans. Whichever way you choose, it's a big deal, I think... I have to think about Yukine's birthday party too....She wants to invite people more than last year... hummmmm....

One of the parties, we all were invited by the boy whom I'm watching 2days a week. They had the party at gymnastic school.It was a good time for me to know how they arrange kids's birthday party, though we don't have a gym at our house :p

もうHalloweenの時期。まずはCommunity Center のパーティへ。

Halloween is coming too!!! We went to the pumpkin bush at our neighbor's community center. Yukine was a pumpkin, and Kanata had a tail and ears :) Yukine met her best friend , but she haven't seen her for like 3months because she is going to a kindergarten from this fall, so she was too shy to play together again.
明日はHalloween 当日、どこでもTrick or Treatをしてるみたいだけど、どこへいこうかな???
We are going to go to two parties tonight, so I will update soon :)


ハナタレ A runny nose boy



Runny nose Kanata gets better yet :-( It's been for a month. He always kicked his blanket during the night. Everytime we put him extra clothes, he would be too hot and sweaty...hummm.... I don't know what should I do with him.. I should have get up in the midnight, and then put him a blanket again...but I can't wake up like so late time :-p

Oh, by the way, I gave him a haircut. It was not bad acutually :-) Brit is still scared of letting me cut his though. It's not bad!!


今年は。。。 This year's...

喜音のハロウィンのコスチューム。 つくってみました〜^^ 


Yukie's Halloween costume ;) However I made them, you can't see them up close, I'm not good at sawing, so they are not beautiful and wonderful, but I'm proud of me I made it! Good enough good enough! hehe :p


前に作ったライブレッド。 ライ麦20%くらいなのですごく軽い。Whole Wheat(全粒粉)も入れたからその味のが強かったかも。

Above : Rye Bread.

I made it first time I mean Rye bread. It was good, but I put only 20% rye, no sour dough, and added whole- wheat too, so it tasted more like Whole wheat bread.
Veg Burger 肉なしバーガー。 これはブラックビーンズってので作ってあるんだけど、

最近、ヨガを始めてから肉をあまり体が欲しいと言わなくなった。他のことも考えるとベジタリアンっていうのも一つの選択肢だと思う。といっても完璧にいきなりは難しいから、だんだん自分の食べたいものを食べるようにしている。このVeg Burgerのそのひとつ。

The picture is a veg Burger. I don't want to eat red meat so much recently, so I made a veg burger when Brit made a beef burger. It is different from "Burger" , of course, but it's testy as a black beans pate. I liked it :)
After I started doing yoga, I don't need to eat meats little by a little. It's interesting though. Anyway, I don't know I would be a vegetarian someday though, I enjoy no meat food too for now:)


アルカンサからのお客様 The guest from Arkansas.



Last week, we had a guest from Arkansas. He was doing an internship at the same place as Brit in Japan, and he helped Brit a lots over there. He came here to see UW for his grad school next year, so he stayed at our place for two nights. In addition, he is from Nagano!!!! ,which is same as me!! It's a small world, isn't it? :o We could sing the prefecture's song together! ( Only Nagano people know thier prefecture's song in Japan, so the story is very famous among Japanese, and becoming a joke.) Anyway, He is really cool guy, we all like him, especially Yukine and Kanata was enjoyed playing with him, thank you so much for taking care of our kids! Hopefully, he will come back to Seattle again, and
see each other soon!!

←This is takoyaki maker, most of Kansai (Western Japan) people have it at lease one at home.




So, we had a Takoyaki ( Octopus balls, which is a popular food in Kansai area.)party with him and Brit's UW friends :) It was so much fun! I was kinda busy to make food tho, I enjoyed the party.

The above picture is Oyaki which is Nagano's traditional local food, it's like gyoza (dumping) or Chinese buns, inside is eggplants instead of meat though. Brit loves it, I didn't know until this summer, he ate it when he was doing internship in Nagano city, so that was my first time to make it. It was good too and very easy to make :)