Summer 2017

Lots lots things happened in this summer in 2017. It was busy but fun summer. Now, the wind is getting cooler, it is getting darker sooner every day, already in October.

I am going to summarize what we did in this summer.

Camping! We could go to camping more than last year. The kids stayed in Seattle this year not going to Japan, so we had more weekends to do camping. Here the places we went to camping in 2017.
- Alta Lake on Memorial day
- Mt. Saint Helens
- Jarrell Cove
- Somewhere in Montana on the way home from Idaho after the total solar eclipse.

There are so many things that I wanna talk about each camping trip, but highlights are we could finally go to Mt. St. Helens, where first, Yukine told that she wanted to go after she studied about the Mountain in the elementary school. We didn't hike to the mountain but went to one of the observatories, Johnston Ridge Observatories. It was very informative and I enjoyed learning about the eruptions.
That was second time to re-visit Jarrell Cove States Park. The last time we went to there, we fell in love with the camp site. They have a glassy area and there are many apples trees. Therefore, many animals are coming out to eat the apples in later Aug, early Sep. One of animals we encountered last time we went was deer. That was one of reasons we loved there. This time, we couldn't see deer in the campsite, maybe because it was in early August. There were a big group in the campsite so it was more crowded and noisy than last time... That was a bit disappointing. Yet, we had still a lot of fun. We went to the dock and Kanata fished, a lots of small minnows. It was not really real fishing but he was happy, so all good. Yukine is not really a outdoor girl but I think she had fun too, especially, when we could down to the shore when it was very low tide. We could see a tide pool. It was interesting.
The camp site in Montana was where we just slept on the way to get home from Idaho. BUT the main reason we went o Idaho was the totol sun eclipse. The total sun eclipse was amazing, literary, phenomenal, marvelous experience you could have in your life. It was just breathtaking. I will never ever forget the experience. The moment that the world around you got slightly dark and cooler. The moment that the sun was completely covered and you even see the total sun shape with your bare eyes. The moment the sun came back, seeing the one sharply bright, strong beam of light. It was just like a biggest most beautiful diamond ring. And we could see many Brittain's family members there in Idaho, that was so nice.

Another big event we did for this summer was... going to Maui Hawaii! In addition, we spent time with Kirino family, My mom, bother and one of my aunts (My mom's oldest sister.) and Brittain's mom in Maui! I was a bit worried how it would go with so many people with different opinions but it went well. I think everyone had fun. Maui is absolutely beautiful place. Just being at the beaches and seeing many fish, sea turtles and other creatures is worth to visit there. But we did more that that, eating good seafood, land food, seeing traditional dancing, shopping, seeing sunset from the tallest volcano.....and more and more.

My mom came again to Seattle to stay with Kanata and Yukine for the the last summer break. We went to Portland during the labor day weekend with her. Port land has very fashionable stores and vintage clothes and stuff. I feel Portland is more sensitive to those kinds of culture than Seattle but not sure... I realized that I really didn't have a chance to explore those small shops in Seattle so..Anyway, we had fun there. She had stayed for 2 weeks. It's pretty long for her, compared to the past she came, but it was still short for us..but she couldn't abandon her dog and her garden...I get it but always very sad and hard to say good bye at the airport on the last day. I hate it.

Oh wait! And Yukine did summer dance intensive program this year. 5 weeks from 8AM - 3 PM everyday 5 days. It was a big for her. She doesn't like wake up early in the morning, but she had to, because of the logistics. ( Thanks to the another family who lives close to us, we could car pool but the mom had to pick up Yukine at 6:40 AM.) She did it! She completed the whole 5 weeks. On the last day, they had a small show that showing the choreography by the girls and boys. She had 3-4 pieces with her peers. I saw her growth and passion for the dance. I am very proud of her.







Mother's Day 母の日 2017

Breakfast in bed made by Yukine. I felt so loved :) Her cooking skill is getting better for sure!
Mother's Day Present from Kanata. He said it's not my face. I am glad that. LOL He wrote a poem too.  He also wrote a poem. He didn't want me to read it tho,  奏大からの母の日のプレゼント。少なく私の似顔絵ではないらしい。よかった。笑 そして、よく意味が分からなかったけど(笑)詩も(学校で書かされた。)書いてくれました。    



そして、これを機に、Barber Pile(Barber 積み重ね)をもう一度再現してみましたー!上が今日、で、下が9年前。子供たちは重くて、もう乗れない。。。こうやって重ねてみると二人とも大きくなったんだねー。
 And since it was Mother's day and we all had time to spend time together at home today, we took Barber pile picture first time since 2008. The first picture was from today, and the picture below of it was from 2008! I can't believe that the kids grew so much! They are now too big and heavy to sit top on us anymore... Time indeed flied...

  May 2017

 May 2008

I have a great Mother's day. My family treated me well and I felt so much love. I also want to celebrate for my mom and Brittain's mom! They both always think about us, help us, so many things they have been done for us. Since moms had us, and they raised us, Brit and I could meet and got married and have such wonderful beautiful kids!! I thank them from bottom of my heart. Thank you and love you, the moms!

Happy Mother's day!!

Lastly.... Kanata's funny (or normal) faces :)