Mother's day 2013

Happy mother's day!! I had a great mother's day today. We had a party yesterday at friend's house, and got home very late. So, all of us were so tired in this morning, so it could be a disaster mother's day :p I am glad we made it!! haha.
The kids and Brit were so sweet. I am so lucky mom! Thank you all.
Brit made a mother's day dinner. Southwest vegetarian paella and kale and feta cheese salad. Both of them were so good! Yukine made paper flowers, Kanata gave me his porcelain hand from preschool and the card (above the picture), which was so funny. I hardly go to target for shopping. I guess he couldn't think, so maybe heard friend's answer :p My favorite thing to do for my free time; read (His meaning was Manga). My favorite TV show; News. ( Sounds really smart but I don't watch TV at all...read news tho.)
I am glad that he knows I love him.

Yukine tried to make a breakfast for me but Brit was too tired to help her. So she was grumpy this morning. Poor girl. She is such a sweet girl.
I love you all so much!!!


Kanata T-ball かなた野球始める。

Kanata signed up for his first T-ball this year!!!! He was nervous at the first practice. But he is totally into it right now. I thought he prefer soccer to baseball, but he really loves it so far. So, he had had practice twice a week in April. Now he has a game every Tue and Thu. He can't wait next game day, so is always practicing at home. catching, hitting. I can see he is improving everyday! Such a hard worker, Kanata. Seriously, he could practice for straight two or three hours. Amazing, kiddo! I and Brit won't be complaining about he getting a scholarship for a collage someday :p

The kids T-ball games are hilarious! It's like a play. Not serious at all. Some kids do not care about T-ball at all. Just sit on the base, and spacing out. Nobody can't catch the ball, so Nobody wouldn't be out either :p So, Every kids can get the turn to hit a ball, and when the turn is finished, change innings. That's so cute if you don't care about winning :p I am maybe too much like Tiger mom, so I am trying not say anything :)

One day at home practice.

Me: Wow, Kanata, You are so good at T-ball. You will be able to be a baseball player like Ichiro someday!

K: Yeah, I think so too.

...It good to have a confidence.

かなたが遂に習い事。野球の一歩手前、Tボールです。ピッチャーがいなくて、Tの字の棒の上にボールを置いてそれから打つというもの。 練習初日はちょっとびびっていたかなた。「やっぱり来年からしようかな、僕。」とかいう始末。でもはじめてみたらやっぱり脳みそまで筋肉なのか?かなりはまった様子。4月中は練習。5月からは毎週2回のペースで練習試合をしている。週2の野球が待ちきれず、家でも毎日練習。付き合わされるお母さん、結構疲れます。バッティングに、キャッチの練習。それでも目に見えて上達するわが子。すでに気持ちはイチロー。





母: かなた、うまいね。きっと大きくなったらイチローみたいになるね!



Spring break

The kids had a spring break. Since this school year started, It's been just busy like crazy. My yoga, the kids activities, some errands.... Time, litarally, flies. It's almost end of this school year. Oh my....
However, I and the kids could spend some very meaningful time together in this spring break, which made me happy. One day of the break, we went to the zoo. It was first time since it's been for a long time for me to came back to the zoo. After Yukine got in school, we were just busy to go to the zoo, so we didn't have a membership. I love the zoo so much. It's huge, lot of space, lots of natures, of course, lots of animals. I was so happy to see the kids smile. I missed those days when Yukine was in preschool, we could spend all day together at a beach, zoo, parks.... we could go anywhere without thinking about time. It was such a precious time!!
I definitely want to come back to the zoo again WITH THE KIDS!!!