Kanata T-ball かなた野球始める。

Kanata signed up for his first T-ball this year!!!! He was nervous at the first practice. But he is totally into it right now. I thought he prefer soccer to baseball, but he really loves it so far. So, he had had practice twice a week in April. Now he has a game every Tue and Thu. He can't wait next game day, so is always practicing at home. catching, hitting. I can see he is improving everyday! Such a hard worker, Kanata. Seriously, he could practice for straight two or three hours. Amazing, kiddo! I and Brit won't be complaining about he getting a scholarship for a collage someday :p

The kids T-ball games are hilarious! It's like a play. Not serious at all. Some kids do not care about T-ball at all. Just sit on the base, and spacing out. Nobody can't catch the ball, so Nobody wouldn't be out either :p So, Every kids can get the turn to hit a ball, and when the turn is finished, change innings. That's so cute if you don't care about winning :p I am maybe too much like Tiger mom, so I am trying not say anything :)

One day at home practice.

Me: Wow, Kanata, You are so good at T-ball. You will be able to be a baseball player like Ichiro someday!

K: Yeah, I think so too.

...It good to have a confidence.

かなたが遂に習い事。野球の一歩手前、Tボールです。ピッチャーがいなくて、Tの字の棒の上にボールを置いてそれから打つというもの。 練習初日はちょっとびびっていたかなた。「やっぱり来年からしようかな、僕。」とかいう始末。でもはじめてみたらやっぱり脳みそまで筋肉なのか?かなりはまった様子。4月中は練習。5月からは毎週2回のペースで練習試合をしている。週2の野球が待ちきれず、家でも毎日練習。付き合わされるお母さん、結構疲れます。バッティングに、キャッチの練習。それでも目に見えて上達するわが子。すでに気持ちはイチロー。





母: かなた、うまいね。きっと大きくなったらイチローみたいになるね!



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