Mother's day 2013

Happy mother's day!! I had a great mother's day today. We had a party yesterday at friend's house, and got home very late. So, all of us were so tired in this morning, so it could be a disaster mother's day :p I am glad we made it!! haha.
The kids and Brit were so sweet. I am so lucky mom! Thank you all.
Brit made a mother's day dinner. Southwest vegetarian paella and kale and feta cheese salad. Both of them were so good! Yukine made paper flowers, Kanata gave me his porcelain hand from preschool and the card (above the picture), which was so funny. I hardly go to target for shopping. I guess he couldn't think, so maybe heard friend's answer :p My favorite thing to do for my free time; read (His meaning was Manga). My favorite TV show; News. ( Sounds really smart but I don't watch TV at all...read news tho.)
I am glad that he knows I love him.

Yukine tried to make a breakfast for me but Brit was too tired to help her. So she was grumpy this morning. Poor girl. She is such a sweet girl.
I love you all so much!!!


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