Spring break

The kids had a spring break. Since this school year started, It's been just busy like crazy. My yoga, the kids activities, some errands.... Time, litarally, flies. It's almost end of this school year. Oh my....
However, I and the kids could spend some very meaningful time together in this spring break, which made me happy. One day of the break, we went to the zoo. It was first time since it's been for a long time for me to came back to the zoo. After Yukine got in school, we were just busy to go to the zoo, so we didn't have a membership. I love the zoo so much. It's huge, lot of space, lots of natures, of course, lots of animals. I was so happy to see the kids smile. I missed those days when Yukine was in preschool, we could spend all day together at a beach, zoo, parks.... we could go anywhere without thinking about time. It was such a precious time!!
I definitely want to come back to the zoo again WITH THE KIDS!!!






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