喜音の初の自作詩。学校の授業の一環だったらしいけど、先生の出したテーマは「冬」。だいたいの子たちは、「雪」 とか「そり」とか「白」 その中、うちの娘はチョコレート。しかも、連呼。どんだけ飢えてるねんろ?うちの子。

Yukine's first poem in her life. It was a school assignment, and the theme was "winter". Most of kids wrote about "snow" "sled" or "white"... I can imagine her face and voice when she said " Yummy Yummy Yummy! I like.... CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE!CHOCOLATE!!!!!"



かなた 4歳

Lego man cake

子供より大人が真剣になっています。Big kids were more into it than the kids :P

Happy Birthday My boy )




この前かなたの誕生日パーティをしました。もちろんレゴパーティ ^^

Oops, It's way too late to post. Kanata tuned 4 last month. He is already 4!!! He gets big literally, I took him to check-up, His height percentile is 45% and his weight is 85%!!!! I hope his height will beat the weight soon :p He is a very healthy, bright, funny boy. He likes lego, cars, books (80% are about trucks or mighty machines.) Kanata is going to the preschool close to our house, Japanese co-op style play group, and Japanese class. He can read and write his name, some Japanese and English alphabets, can count up to 20~30. When Yukine was his age, I took her many many places and kept her busy, on the other hand, I spend time with Kanata in very local places which is ok, but sometimes feel bad for him. Is it a second child's fate? :p He likes the preschool that he is going to. The teacher is fantastic, she is very kind, and they have a lot of fun events :) Though Kanata is unlike Yukine, he never remembered his friends name. He says Nobody played with him, but looks not unhappy. because he is a boy, so he doesn't care who is his friend?? Very interesting that such a difference between the two kids!

By the way, we had his birthday party, which is of course, LEGO PARTY!! It was a easiest party ever!!! Just damped out the lego pile, and let kids play, then eat and play with lego again. Some kids went to outside and play and come back for lego and foods. Soooo easy for me!!! I had to say Thank him to Kanata!!! I love him so much :) :)