アメリカ人はセンクスギビングホリディの間に平均(なにからの平均かよくわからんけど 。)5kg太るらしい。 こわっ!!


ブリ豚の両親はIdaho Fallsというところに住んでいるのだけど、Boiseにはブリ豚の妹、一番下の弟が住んでいて、そっちへ行くほうがシアトルからは若干近いので、今回はそこで集合ということに。


Oh, Finally I am going to write about Thanksgiving holiday....almost Christmas though.

We had a great thanksgiving holiday!!! We had total three party, we enjoyed all of them. Good foods, good friends, good family :-)
We went to the church party at the noon on Thanksgiving day, there were lots of delicious foods as usual. That was our last party at Greenwood ward since we moved to Shoreline, which is next ward and uses same building, so we can still see the people in Greenwood ward. We loves Greenwood ward, their foods too ;-) So we misses them a lot!
And after that, we went to Brit's grad friends house like last year. It was fun too! We were full, but still kept eating and munching. It's a holiday :-p
Then next day, we headed to Idaho, Boise to see our family. It was a terrible storm on the way, we couldn't arrive at there after all, there were a big trucks accident and they stacked, so we had to stay a night in Oregon. Finally, we got there noonish. I'm so glad that we finally got together. (I'm so sorry for Dad though....:-( We had a great time, I had a great time! Thanks to Tiz, I could go in My favorite ashtanga yoga class too! I enjoyed the class so much!!! It was a wonderful. Thank you so much, Tiz!!
The kids had a wonderful time with their cousins too! They are so good friends :-) I'm very very thankful for our fantastic friends and family!!!!

Pics will be later.

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