New house


ま、それをおいておけば、家は快適です。下やら上やら気にしなくていいし、キッチンも広いし、部屋もちょっと広くなりました。 なんといっても庭があるのが嬉しい!夏が楽しみ♪

It's still big chaos here though, we finally started living in the new house. Good things are more space, our own laundry, the kids can run and make big noise compared with the apartment. ( Still sometimes we have to say be quiet.) , have to less care about neighbors, less stress for us :) And I enjoys decorating and coordinating the interior with a limited budget. It's fun, I love it! Bad things are Brit takes more time to commute, that means leave earlier and get home later. I expected, but a house is very cold :( in this season, there are many many pine needles in our yard, so we have to clean everywhere inside and outside of the house. And!! I can't believe though, our landlord isn't done all the cleaning yet!! We cannot put all furniture and stuffs in our master bed room till he is done his work. Uwwwwwwwww....we don't have to pay for utilities bill either till he is done tho.
I hope he will come tomorrow and done with all the work!!Please move, the seattle guy!!!

Here is the pictures of the house :-) Please come visit us someday, everyone!!

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