Summer vacation

Hmmm... I need to upload our pics sometime soon. Summer is almost over in here?? So cold!! I haven't gotten a hot summer here in Seattle yet, I've been waiting and waiting, and it's already middle of August! I miss summer.... I never be able to wear my summer dress.....The weather in this summer is terrible. People in Japan where keeps recording highest temperatures everyday may envy us, so I shouldn't say that, I guess. The good thing in this summer, Brit has been with us all day, all summer, which is nice for me and the kids. Now that we can say that since he found his new job :p Yes, we had had a scary moment, Brit lost his job end of June. I was so scared the situation, worried about the kids, our future, I expected unemployed liffe would be long since I knew many many people are having a hard time to find jobs. But, he got a new job in a month. I'm proud of him, appreciate his hard work.
So our summer started sadly, though we went to berry picking, went to camping, lots of barbequing as usual, having fun :) It would be much much harder for me if Brit couldn't find a job after summer vacation. After Brit finally get a job officially, we went visit his family in Idaho. It's been weird weather down there too, but at least much hotter than in Seattle, so I was glad that. Tho Yukine had been so grumpy since she isn't used to that hot. We had wonderful time over there. I'll write about the trip later.

Now that summer is getting close to over, which is sad. Time flies. sometimes we ( especially, Brit. He is ready to go back to work :p) are tired of playing with the kids, but I have a good time with both of kids, and nice things that I don't have to yell at Yukine to make her get ready for school every morning, worry about time to send them to school or pick them up, things like that. Brit will work from tomorrow. It was so precious that we could spend time together so much. Nice summer after all :) :)

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