Snowman :) 2008年1月27日

雪国っぽいことをしてみました^^  先日降った雪がすごくサラサラのパウダースノーで雪だるまを作ろうにもおだんごにならなかった。けど、3日くらい経ってやっと形をできるようになりました~♪

I and Yukine made a snowman together. I tried to make it when it was snowing the other day, but it was powdery snow, so we couldn't. If we skied that day, it's a really good condition though.
Yukine was too small to make a snowman last year. She was enjoyed to make it this year :) But she is affected by cold wether, so she always complained the wether outside.... What a weak girl! Is it a natual thing for kids who lives in city??? I don't know. I'm from Nagano, and Brit is from Idaho, so my kids must be resistant to cold though :p


Anyway, she is really nice to Kanata, she is a good big sister :) She is always helping me, for ex, bringing his diaper to me, if he spit up milk, she wipes his face, and she wants to hold him by herself. Sometimes, I'm worry about Kanata tho ;p

In general, many kids behave in babyish way when they have sister or brother. In case of Yukine, she loves Kanata so much, but she was really lonly when I was in the hosptal, so now, she doesn't want to go anywhere without me. she chased me even I went to the bathroom :( I know her feeling, but I'm tired a little. I hope that she would return as usual soon.

After Kanata was born, sometimes Yukine was talking about the life when she was in my stomach. I don't know American also said too tho, It's said that children have thier memories when they were babies in wormbs until they are 3 years old.
I'm interesting in Yukine's memory, so I have asked her about it some time, but she haven't answered it clearly. She said " when I was in your stomach, I cried too like Kanata, right? mom."
I thought that she would say something interesting, so I asked her "What did you do in my stomach??" and she answered " I made curry with dad!" hmmm....Maybe it's not turth.


Mel said...

I haven't looked at your blog for a while. Kanata has changed a little! He still looks a little bit like Morgan, but he also looks a lot more Japanese now too. He is so cute! I hope we will get to see him sometime in the near future. I hope Yukine is starting to get back to normal. She must be worried you are going to leave again! I have never heard that children keep their memories of the womb until they are 3. It would be very interesting to hear what it's like in there. Ok, I'm writing too much now, so I'll stop for now. Your snowman was very cute!

Asami said...


I'm glad to read your comment.It's not too much, thanks, Mel :)

Does Kanata look like Morgan?? I hope that it's only his face, hehe :p

By the way,one of my friend told me her daughter said that she was playing in the womb with her little brother and she was called by her mom,so she went out first.It's when she was 3 years old. She is 5 years old now, and she has a little brother who is 3 years old.I don't know it's ture memory,but it's really interesting,right? :)when you have kids, do ask your kids!