I miss souchan! 2007年7月23日

年を追うごとに颯ちゃんが喜音に泣かされないようになってきたが。。。。。最後は喜音が平手を加わせてノックアウトでした^^: 気に入らないと手が出る。。。。よくないね。。。喜音を怒りながらも自分も反省する母でした。子は鏡、つい手を出して怒ってしまうの本当に止めないとな。。。

Yukine finally met her boyfriend, Soujiro :) Soujiro already goes to a nursary weekdays and we went back to Nagano, so they haven't seen for a long time. Yukine has been looking forward to seeing him since the previous day :)
Thier talking skill is better than when they met last time, They can talk each other now :o

Yukine ; " Let's play together, Souchan."
Soujiro; " Ok!"
Yukine; " Can I have a piece of your sticker? What's this?"
Soujiro; " Ok, Go ahead.It's Anpanman."
like this. It was so cute. We were always surprised with thier growing!

By the way, this picture is when Yukine did modeling. She was so cute, so I took it :)
This is her first time to eat M&M's chocolate that day!! I always talk her that chocolate is so bitter for her, so It's not yummy, It's for your dad. and she believes it,so she said " Mom, these chocolates are yummy, but Dad's chocolate is taste like poop, right?"
I hope that she won't know the taste of chocolate a little longer.

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