Summer 2016

Hello from Barbers in Seattle.
Again, it's been more than a half year since the last post. The summer 2016 is already over, now I certainly feel a fall breeze comes outside here. Since last Christmas, our life again has changed dramatically. Brit has changed his job in Feb 2016, and I also has changed a job in March. I was working at Amazon in  2015, now I am in Aero space!!! The kids have been doing fine with the new schedule and they have been doing great at the school and their activities. Yukine has made a one level up for her ballet class from the summer ballet classes. She is excited to be in the new class! I knew she has been working so hard for the last 2 years remaining in the same level even though the rest of her peers leveled up already. I am really proud of her. Kanata is doing Kanata. Lol He has been in highly-capable class (advanced class) since the 2nd grade and doing well at the school. BUT he has been in trouble in Japanese school... How many times I have got emails from the teacher.....I couldn't understand him at all why he's been worst in only the Japanese class... He knew he got in a trouble and would loose his privileges. I am hoping he will be better this year... 
The kids summer break ended. More pictures will come soon.

ぶ り豚は転職し、私も一年間働いたアマゾンを退職、なんと!ぶり豚の後釜として、ぶり豚の使っていたデスクで航空関係の仕事をしております。Yogaはどう した?とお思いのお方がいれば、ご心配は無用、しっかりそれも、個人の生徒さんを受け持ち、続けております。おかげさまで、長年のお付き合いの方はそのま ま、私の予定を考慮していただき、クラスにひきつづき来ていただいております。
ゆ きねはここ2年間で習い事への真剣さが増した気がする。とくにバレエは、色々な事情でクラスを上のレベルにしてもらえないことが続いたにめげず、一生懸命 頑張りました。ついにこの夏のクラスからレベルがあがり、ほかの子たちに追いついたところ。精神的にもかなり成長した一年だったんじゃないかな。母はこの ことに関してはとっても誇りに思っています。
かなたは、。。。相変わらずかなたです。やんちゃで、ゲーム好きで、おちゃらけてばっかり。で も、2年生からはゆきねと同じアドバンスのクラスに行っていて、学校ではちゃんとしている様子。現地校の先生からは受けがいいんだよね、うちの子ら。。。 しかしながら。。。日本語の塾では相当の問題児。。母は何度、お叱りのメールをもらったことか。これには、真剣に私も困り果てました。どうしていいもの か、何度も注意し、何度も色々な特権をお預けにされたり。。。それでも懲りないかなた。。。今年はどうなることか。。。 


Here is a summer 2016 re-cap!

Camping with cousins. it was so much fun! They are the best buddies. We need to do it again!
Our old neighbor street in Kyoto! This was first time to visit there in 4 or 5 years. I can't even remember when the last time I went back to Kyoto.
Our old house in Kyoto. the neighbor hasn't changed much but the house next door was now gone... I can't believe we all 4 people lived  ( only for a month for Kanata tho.) in such a tiny house.


Kawa yuka - Kamogawa River side terrace dining. Very famous for summer in Kyoto. I have been wanting to eat there for a long time. My dream came true. I feel very VIP. You could even call Geisha or Maiko at some of restaurants.


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