Happy 12th Anniversary

そして、なんと!今年は驚く事に、私が結婚記念日を覚えていました!!・・・もしかしたら、12年間で初めてかもしれない・・・笑 結婚一周年からすっかり忘れて全く違う友達との予定を入れた私。
そんな私が覚えているなんて奇跡に近い ので! 今年は当日になにかぶり豚を驚かせたかった。







ぶり豚はごみ袋を目の前にした後も、全くわかってなくて、その前にいた喜音のがはじめに気づいた。「I know it I know what’s in there!!!」って。笑 (この話、子供らにしたことあるからねー。)


I and Brit submitted our marriage license in Kyoto, Japan 12 years ago. Surprisingly I remembered our anniversary this year! I have kept forgetting our anniversary every year since the first one, thus most of the past years, we haven't done anything really special. (probably have been to dinner 3 or 4 times.) BUT! this year, somehow I managed to remember the day! This was a miracle. So, I decided to do something special to Brittain. It's a weekday and the one of the super busy days with work and the kids' activities so I couldn't make something or go somewhere. But I came up with a really cool idea that probably only I and Brit would get it.
It was 12 donuts (actually 6 donuts and 6 macaroons since we would die if we ate a dozen donuts with 4 of us.) in a garbage bag! I hid the donuts in a big garbage bag and gave it to him after dinner. First, he couldn't get it at all but Yukine got it right away before him, said " I know it, I know what's in there!!!" That's because we have told the kids about the donuts in a garbage story before.

I might not have talked about the story here about when I went to Brit's place in Kyoto the first time ever.
Here we go.

We were not really friends that time and we were just texting each other occasionally. That night, he texted me and said "I have tons of donuts, would you like to come over?" I had never been to his place before but I thought it was nice of him so I decided to go. Once I get there and entered inside of his apartment, I couldn't find the donuts. I assumed there was a box of donuts but there was no box around there. So I asked him where the donuts were. Then He pointed the 2 big garbage bags sitting in the kitchen. I couldn't understand what he was talking about but I went to the kitchen and opened the garbage bag. There were, literally, tons of donuts crumbing in the bag. I thought he was crazy and a bit creep me out but then I reconsider that's because he was an American and hate to waste food since I didn't have any friends from other countries. Since the night, we started seeing more and more. If he was a Japanese guy and invited me for free donuts picked from the dumpster, I might not see him again. It might a judgement though....

Anyway, now we are a happiest couple ever :) :)

Happy 12th Anniversary, more to go!


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