Mom day


教会から喜音の写真。。。。のはずが先生が間違えて違う子の写真が。笑 教会の先生がだれかと間違えたらしい。^^:



Mom's day. I got hearty presents from my family. Brit and Yukine made homemade Ice cream cake. Since I'm on a diet ( always fail tho), so I requested "NOT FOOD", but Yukine seemed to make a cake so much, still I was grateful for it.

Also Yukine made three presents from her two pre-schools and the church, and they were also so sweet! One was a photo flame with Yukine's picture, another one was sunflower with pot which Yukine painted, and the last one, which was from the church, was Yukine's photo.......it's supporsed to be,but it was not Yukine, other girl, maybe a teacher took mistake. It was funny, so I got somebody's picture for my mom's day too! hehe.

And Kanata made finger painted picture, which is from Kanata's play group. It has a massege,it's really ture and cute!!!

"My dirty little fingerprints I've left on every wall And on the drawers and table tops, I've really marked them all But here are some tat won't rub off, I'm giving them to you Because I'm thankful to have a mom that's just like you"

I'm not sure Kanata thinks like that tho..:p



Anyway, I got tons of loves from them. I was depressed recently. Early spring season makes me depress, maybe, but I'm so thinkful for haveing my family!!!
I' ve got lots lots loves from them! I love you guys too!

We didn't do anything besides phone call for both our moms, such a bad children... I will do something for them for sure. Even If you think that you love your mom, sometimes you have to show and say it, otherwise, it's hard to understand it.

I hope every moms in the world had a great happy mother's day!!

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