New ぶり豚!(New Brittain!) 2007年8月6日







Brit shaved his chin. It's been 4 years since he did. I was used to his bearded face, so I wanted him to change his image.
I liked his bearded face too though, mom and grandmas may be happy to see his cleanly face ;) haha. Please show this pics to them, dad!

The reaction of other people is also good. Actually, he looks younger than before. Now that he is 30, and he feels down about it, so it's good for him too :) hehe.

I worried about Yukine, because I have heard the story that Brit cried so much looking at his dad's face without his beard when he was a child as Yukine.
But, she didn't care about it at all, in other words, she might not noticed it. I don't know :p


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Argymus said...

Brittain looks younger and not quite so "starving-German-artist" like. It suits him. Someday I will have to get rid of my facial hair... maybe.


brittain said...

I looked like a starving German artist? I guess that's better than having a rat on my chin. (Grandma's words.) I don't recommend shaving- it's irritating and I've had razor burn ever since.

from Brit

Argymus said...

I guess a starving Germman artist was pretty close. I don't even want to know what people think I look like with my beard. I'm not planning on shaving it off either. When we come to Japan, I'm just going to shave it real close and then let it grow.


Alan said...

You know, of course, why Brit cried when he saw me without the beard--it's because I'm quite ugly. My beard hid (and now hides) a multitude of faults. Brit, on the other hand, is quite handsome, so there was no reason for Yukine to get upset. He looks very respectable; I'd almost trust him with my grandchildren!
The last time I was without a beard was when Michael was born in 1987. I was so excited to have a new baby that I shaved off my beard and moustache. Mom took one look at me, got queasy in her tummie, and told me to grow the beard back out as fast as I could!
Nobody loves the real, unshaven me. Not even me!
Lots of love, Grandpa Barber

Alan said...

I agree with Brit, shaving is a pain in the k-neck. The razor burn is the worst part of it, and I don't think that an electric razor avoids much of that. My face still feels like ten miles of bad road once I've used the state o' the art Norelco.
Speaking o' faces, I've had some crud growing on the right side of the face in the beard. I was worried that it was MRSA, but Doc Arbon said it's probably something fungal--and if I wash carefully and keep it dry, it should go away.

Asami said...


I won't think that you without a beard are ugly, I can't image it though.
You have shaved twice since Brit was born,right? Brit told me only once.
Anyway, I have criousty of you without a beard ;)( but you shouldn't do it, I don't know how to take this responsibility if it make mom get angly.haha.)