Christmas Tree 2016

 The kids are so excited to have a real Christmas tree!

Thanksgiving is over, now officially Christmas season has come. We bought a real tree for a Christmas tree this year. This is the first time for us to have a real tree for Christmas. I have been wanting to have one but never done. So here we are! More than anything, it smells sooooo good!! a divine scent! I can just sit next to the tree for all night smelling the scent. This was Yukine's call to get one on last Tuesday. I was too tired on that day and almost gave up on having a tree this year again but she convinced us to go to a store to get one. And, we got a huge discount on the tree! Christmas tree can be very expensive. We didn't want to spend so much money on it so that was a good call! Thanks, Yukine!

It's always fun to decorate a tree. Our trandition for Christmas is that each kids can get one new ornament and one Christmas village house for everyone after Christmas (since they are on sale!) for next year. So it's fun to see the ornaments that they got last year. It's kinda like seeing your old best friend once a year :)



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