Christmas Season in Barbers.

日本から帰って、疲れと日常生活へのアジャストとでやる気がしなかったけど、子供たちは今年もジンジャーブレッドハウスが作りたいと。てことで、作った今年のもの。⇈ てきとーにした割にはなかなかかな。
We came back from Japan trip 2-14 on 7th of December. Yukine missed the Nutcracker show this year since we went to Japan, which is a bit sad but all of us very appreciated we went to Japan. After we came back from Japan, the kids went back to school, It's a Christmas mood all over around us but took a while to adjust to it and get back to normal life. I was not planning to make a ginger bread house this year, however the kids begged me so we did it. I am glad that we did it again this year. Smells good, suddenly felt like a Christmas was also coming to our house. I and the kids enjoyed making it. I am going to work as full time from 2015, I cannot imagine how it goes, so glad we had a great time at home doing Christmas stuff together. Hopefully, I can do next year too.

Kanata invited many people to the nativity. I love it :) 


At the Shelton Hotel in Seattle had an annual ginger bread house exhibition. I and the kids went to on Christmas Eve, which was a little bit stupid. Sooooo many people there!!! We were about to give up but finally lined in for about an hour, we got see them. That was spectacular indeed though. Amazing if you think everything were made of sweets! 
A part of Christmas presents opening. 
On Christmas day, we went to see the light in West Seattle. Two very famous families are decorating every year. It was worth to go some long drive to see them. Our light were way way dark after these two.  Sadly enough I had to think about it, but I was wondering how much the bill cost??? :p

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