Christmas 2011

Every year, after Thanksgiving, I feel time flies like 10 times faster. However, this year is more than 10 times since my yoga teacher training, Yukine's nutcracker, everyone's sick....etc....I'm glad that I could made all somehow... I was about to die in middle of this month tho.

サンタさんは来てくれたようです ^^
Yukine prepared snacks for both Santa and reindeer. Looks like they came to our house too :)

The kids didn't wake up till close to 7am, which surprised us a little bit. I'm sure that Yukine woke up before 6am last year. Maybe good things that we had a party on eve,so the kids might be too tired to wake up early. Actually, very unusual, their parents woke up earlier than the kids!

Got lots of presents. Happy kids.
Santa gave Unicycle and a spy set for Yukine. A big Lego set and Lego book for Kanata.

Grandpa gave the steam roller for Kanata. Boys team has been having Lego party.

Yukine was a bon bon this year in the nutcracker. Her best friend was the same roll last year, so She was so happy to be a bon bon. She really enjoyed the show, she did a good job! She was soooo cute :) It's lots of commitment for me tho....Good job for me too!
喜音のくるみ割り人形。 今年はボンボンという役でした。お菓子の国のミス・ボンボンの子供たちで、大きなスカートの中に隠れていて後から出てきて踊ります。いやーリハーサルの送り迎えやらなんやらで本当に忙しくて死ぬかと思ったけど、可愛かった!喜音も弱音をはかず頑張ったね。えらかった。

I made the wreath from brunches in our back yard . I always think the trees are too much trouble for us, but they became finally useful!! I am proud of me to make it by myself for free ;)


So, so we had a calm, mellow Christmas day. We went to the church in the morning, and in order to a storm, our electricity had gone down about for 2 hours. It's really like Barber Christmas. So, I had no choice to take a long nap without electricity ;) It was a nice Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! And Happy new year!!

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